Should You Double Space At The End Of A Sentence?

May 7, 2018

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There are two types of people, those who put one space at the end of a sentence when typing and those who hit the space bar twice.  While placing two spaces at the end of a sentence was the standard when typewriters were standard, the practice has been deemed unnecessary in the computer age. However a new report suggests that adding two spaces after each period makes text is easier to read. Researchers gathered 60 college students and had them write out a paragraph to determine if they were one-spacers or two-spacers. Next, they asked them to read a sample text while wearing eye-tracking devices. They found that subjects who read the paragraphs styled with two spaces spent less time focusing on the punctuation at the end of each sentence and therefore, read sentences faster. The whole two space rule was the standard for decades until the mid 1990s when printing companies and software was able to achieve uniform spacing without adding two spaces at the end of a sentence. The two spaces simply looked sloppy and jarring and started to fall out of favor. Still there are people who double tap the space bar at the end of the sentence and although the study suggest it is easier to read sentences that end in two spaces, the study authors admit that the effects are minimal. Considering most, if not all, word processing programs use proportional fonts (meaning they automatically adjust the spacing), the double space rule is merely a preference of author.

SOURCE: The Verge

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