Should Valentine's Day Be Celebrated In Elementary Schools?

February 14, 2018

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It's Valentine's Day and throughout many elementary school classmates are exchanging Valentine's greetings.  But some schools have decided to eliminate Valentine’s Day celebrations. The reasons vary, but many schools cite self-esteem issues of receiving less Valentine's than others to limited class time available for parties due to increased curriculum demands and an ever-growing list of allergies/dietary issues that make it extremely difficult to safely and fairly serve treats to everyone in class. There are augments on both sides of the issue with some experts wondering why an adult holiday was brought into the school system decades ago to other experts who say promotes kindness, compassion and love which are all valuable lessons that need to be learned. It is estimated that elementary children hand out close to 750 million Valentine's Day cards, which is good for the card makers but a pricey burden for some parents and quite a lot of waste generated even if the cards are recycled.  Many school districts are reviewing the practice and believe that at least in the elementary level, be eliminated.

SOURCE: SheKnows & Big Think

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