Shoes Made From Chewed Bubblegum

May 2, 2018

© Kyolshin | Dreamstime

Stepping in chewed gum is gross but a hoe make from recycled gum is awesome! Clothes designer Explicit Wear has teamed up with the sustainability company Gumdrop to create a shoe that is made from chewed bubble gum.  Named the Gumshoe, the sole of the sneaker consists of synthetic rubber that was once used in chewing gum with leather used for the rest.  Beyond a fashion statement, the Gumshoe uses about a half of pound of chewed gum that otherwise would be spit out on streets or decaying in landfills.  Gumdrop has developed a process that changes the synthetic rubber used in chewing gum to create a new type of rubber that is perfect for shoes. The project is also hoping to implement a program where the sole can be recycled and replaced once it's worn down.  To score your own pair of Gumshoes sneakers, it will set you back around $230 and will be available starting in June, either in red, black or bubblegum pink.

THE FUTURE - A beautiful shoe with an innovative idea to improve the environment! ♻️ ATTENTION: You can pre-order the Gumshoe right now with a deposit of €49,95. #explicit #gumtec #gumshoe

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SOURCE: Thrillist

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