Shoes Block Incoming cell Phone Signals For A Digital Detox Day

May 17, 2017

© Aleutie | Dreamstime

The digital rebellion is growing with a shoe straight out of the 1960s sitcom, Get Smart.  Anatomic Shoe company is working it's "In Good Company" concept shoe that connects to your mobile device and will disconnect you from the world.  With 1/3 of adults saying it's rude when others are on their smartphone and 2/3 wanting a digital detox, this show actually blocks incoming alerts, notifications and texts.  It works with Bluetooth technology sealed in the heel of the shoe.  Once you connect via its app, you can tell it to accept certain calls, texts and notifications and block all others while within range of the shoe.  The shoes would come in 9 colors and could be rolled out by this fall.  However its Kickstarter campaign failed to reach its fundraising goal, yet the company may still be working on it as the concept has received a lot of attention.


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