Sharing Missing Children Pictures On Facebook Can Be More Harmful Than Helpful

March 9, 2017

© Beaniebeagle | Dreamstime

Social media has proven that it is a great source to pass along information to a lot of people quickly.  Some of the stuff is trivial but many are intended to help each other.  For instance you see a post and picture of a missing child.  Your instinct is to share it on your timeline in hopes that the more people share the information the quicker the child can be found.  However one police agency says sharing pictures of missing children does more harm than good and have asked you to stop and think before automatically sharing.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police say that all that photo sharing of missing kids may be assisting criminals people who want to cause harm. In a Facebook post they explain that many times children are not missing but are hiding from those wanting to cause harm, such as an abusive parent or relative under a court order to have no contact or even a human trafficker looking for their missing child.  But that's not to say all sharing of missing children is bad.  Before you decide to share, the police say you should look at the source. If the post wasn't originated from a confirmed police source, or comes with a link to a reputable newspaper or media outlet showing that the police are actively searching, then it is likely not legitimate and should be reported to your local law enforcement for investigation.

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