The Seven Sins Of Housekeeping

February 15, 2018

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Homes are made to be messy!  But many of our messes are ones that shouldn't have started out messy to begin with.  So we're taking a look at the seven sins of housekeeping and how you can cleanse the clutter before it even starts.  #1-Thou Shall Not Maintain Thy Junk Drawer! Yes, there is one drawer where you place all the miscellaneous stuff in but it doesn't have to be disorganized and resembling a bird's nest!  Keep loose items like buttons and screws in small plastic bags or boxes and label things so you can easily tell what they are. Most importantly, make sure you don't over-stuff things into it, or all your hard work will go to waste. #2- Thou Shall Clean Up as Thy Cooks.  Most messes can be easily cleaned up as you meal prep versus waiting until the end.  Spills and splashes can dry and stain if you don't clean them right away, meaning they'll be harder to clean up later and when it is later, you are less motivated to clean.  Make it a rule that you clean up while you cook (but of course, give yourself a pass for dishes that require serious concentration or soaking). #3 Thou Shall treat stains and spots right away.  Much like cleaning as you cook, getting out freshly spilled stains is much easier than those who have settled in.  Make it easier by keeping a stain-removal spray or any other household stain-removal products you might need in an accessible place, and try to train yourself to make cleaning it up right away your instinct. #4-Thou Shall Sort Thy Mail As It Comes In.  Mail is a small daily mess that can become a massive clutter problem quickly. When you check your mail, don't just drop it on the table or counter and leave it there. It's a recipe for disaster as you’re almost guaranteed to lose sight of important documents in the pile. Make it a rule that when mail comes in, you sort through it right away — shredding or recycling whatever you don't want, and storing important papers in a safe place.  #5 Thou Shall Not Horde Thy Magazines You Never Read.  Much like mail, piling up unread magazines is clutter. Keeping a small stack on your coffee table is fine and can add a little personality to your home. #6-Thou Shall Purchase Multiple Dish Towels.  As we've covered before, one towel for dishes, one towel for hand and one towel for spills and replace them daily. #7-Thou Shall Not Stash Stuff Out Of Sight Before Company Arrives.  The quick clean can be eliminated by tackling little messes before they become big ones!

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