Service Offers Private Jet Birthday Parties For Kids

June 7, 2018

© Teresa Kasprzycka | Dreamstime

If you are wanting to make your child's birthday party bigger than cheese pizza and token at Chuck E. Cheese, then consider renting a private jet! VistaJet, a subscription-based private plane service, announced last week that it would begin offering children's birthday party planning services. The subscription program works by members predicting their need for a private jet for a year and pay up front for the flights, with the hourly minimum price of $12,000.  To take advantage of the new Adventures in the Sky party program, subscribers must book a flight at least three hours long and along with the the party fee itself of $3,000, you could be looking at a bill of at least $36,000. The parties themselves are themed from Alice in Wonderland to a secret mission plot and even a movie making package all while cruising at 30,000 feet.

SOURCE: Travel + Leisure

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