Service Offers Free Lodging Worldwide Just For Pet Sitting

May 22, 2017


Although vacations are refreshing, relaxing and fun they can be expensive too.  Besides travel, lodging is the most expensive portion of your break.  But what if you could get free lodging in some of the most desirable locations in the world and all you had to do in exchange is watch somebody else's pet?  A website called Trusted Housesitters could be a dream come true for you.  You see, as many pet owners know, boarding your pet while you are on vacation can not only be an added (and expensive) cost but it stresses out your pets.  For a monthly fee of around $10, you can join the community that pairs homeowners wishing to vacation with housesitters who mind their pets while away.  The site has listings from 130 counties and does complete a thorough vetting process, which means if you are willing to pet site, be prepared to be investigated.  Once you've passed the vetting process, you search for a homeowner who will be away during your planned vacation, and find out more about their home and animals. If you like their lodging (and their furry, feathered, or scaled friends), and the occupant likes you, it’s a match.


Source: Mental Floss

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