September Shopping Dos and Don'ts

September 5, 2017

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It may be slowly sinking in but it's September and while the stresses of the holidays are getting closer, the stresses on your wallet are just as tough.  So here is some advice on what to buy and not buy in September from NerdWallet.  Skip TV's and Halloween costumes. The deepest discounts for TV's are in late January/early February and on Black Friday.  Retailers are hoping your preparedness for Halloween costumes rakes them in more money but patience will pay dividends if you shop around and are okay in wearing last year’s fitting.  Your best bet on savings is to shop for decorations and candy after Halloween is over. Go ahead and buy airplane tickets. According to, fares for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s flights are expected to increase the longer you wait. Generally speaking, 8 weeks out is the best chance of securing the best price so if you can book soon, do it. Finally, a new iPhone.  But before getting your heart set on the new iPhone 8, consider the deep discounts to the iPhone 7 once the new one is launched.

SOURCE: NerdWallet

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