Sense Of Smell Linked To Obesity

July 10, 2017

You are what you smell as a recently completed study links our sense of smell with our metabolism.  In short, those who are able to smell their food ate much more than those who could not smell it.  The researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, say their study hints at a connection between what animals can smell and how they burn calories: so if they can't smell their food, they burn off fat rather than storing it. The study followed the eating habits of mice, with half using a technique to turn off their sense of smell (which returned a few weeks later) and both being offered the same high fat foods.  What they found are the mice without the sense of smell not only were able to burn fat faster but the fat that stores around vital organs and can cause health problems actually shrank.  Furthermore the study found that mice who were already obese and had their sense of smell removed showed signs of losing weight.  Their findings may shed light on new ways to battle obesity.

SOURCE: Science Alert

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