The Self-Making Bed Is A Must-Have

June 22, 2017


Do you make you bed every morning?  Perhaps you only do it when company, or your in-laws pay a visit.  Fortunately technology can assist you with the Smart Duvet.  Simply attach the smart duvet under your duvet, or comforter, and plug it in to a wall electrical socket.  When you are up and ready to start the day, simply activate the Smart Duvet, which fills with air and pulls your blankets over your bed. Viola!  Your bed a neat and tidy. Even better is the Smart Duvet Breeze, which not only makes your bed but can heat or cool you while you sleep.  Using the app you can turn up the heat and turn down the cool on either side of the bed.  Smart Duvet creators claim that it’s not just good for your comfort, but that bed oxygenation will reduce sweat and prevent bed-bugs. They come in all bed sizes and start at $199 through the company’s Kickstarter web page.

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