Self-Driving Taxis To Begin Serving The Villages

January 19, 2018

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Usually new technology doesn't mix well with older people but it appears self-driving taxis will be serving The Villages starting this year.  Voyage is a startup that has been operating a handful of self-driving cars in the San Jose, Calif.-based retirement community also called The Villages, says it plans to expand their fleet of autonomous cars in The Villages in the next few months! Voyage believes this is the largest deployment of self-driving cars, by area, in the world. The taxi will not be completely driverless yet and are able to perform all safety-critical driving functions and monitor roadway conditions for an entire trip, but on a limited basis, meaning it cannot perform all the functions and maneuvers that a human driver can do. However it is progress in creating self-driving cars that can travel anywhere in the world. The cars will use GPS, cameras, sensors and lasers to map out the 32 square miles and 750 miles of roads that make up The Villages as it drives customers around town.  In a twist of irony, recent polls have shown retiring baby boomers the least likely to trust autonomous cars, the Villages is a pretty good place to expand. It is all private property so the usual rules don't apply. There's not too much worry about kids running out in front of the car because there aren't many kids, the speed limits are really low and owners of The Villages will collect equity stakes in the company.

SOURCE: The Verge & Mother Nature Network

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