Self Check Out Machines Are Turning Us Into Criminals

August 4, 2016

No doubt that self-service check out at stores can be problematic at times.  Add to the list their transforming power of turning an honest shopper into a thief. A university study found that losses at store more than double when self-service technology is used. Although forgetfulness account for a lot of stolen items, interviews with supermarket managers and staff suggest that normally honest people give into temptation when left to scan their own shopping. Theories include the lack of human interaction leads us to believe it’s a harmless crime while another highlights the frustration of the self-checkout not working properly; therefore justifying your five finger discount. To combat the high losses, many self-check out programs are being altered to include message reminding people to check their entire shopping cart and confirm they have scanned every item.  Also more security surveillance is being installed around self-check out areas.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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