Seems There Is Proof That Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed Leaves You Grumpy

April 19, 2017


Perhaps it's not the quality of sleep that puts you in a bad mood but the side of the bed you wake up and get out of that matters. A survey of 2,000 people has found that those who get up on the right side of the bed are more likely to feel grumpy and tired in the morning, take longer to shake their bad mood and are more likely to see their work affected by their tiredness. To be fair, there is no scientific evidence that your mood is determined on which side of the bed you get out and start the day but that hasn't stopped 57% of those in this survey to actually trey to exit the bed on the opposite side to boost their mood.  The biggest factor for a sour mood is lack of enough sleep, followed by stress of life, waking up too early and bad weather. But for those who use the left side, the survey did find their moods are slightly better than those waking no the right.  While 77% of those who wake up on the right side of the bed admit feeling tired and grumpy, 75% of left bed sleepers shared their opinions.  However 25% of right side sleepers say their boss or co-workers have remarked about their grumpiness, only 19% of left side sleepers noted the same response. As for an attitude adjustment, left-side sleepers claim to be in better mood 20 minutes earlier than right-siders.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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