Secrets of Sephora Employees Unveiled

September 26, 2017

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When it comes to make up, one of the most recognizable and loved brands is Sephora.  The French Company founded over 40 years ago has made a name for itself in offering its customers an interactive experience with beauty advice and free samples of makeup, nail polish, perfume, and skincare products. We were able to uncover some secrets of Sephora that should delight their customers.  For instance, they have their own language. Employees who interact with customers on the sales floor (a.k.a. the stage) are dubbed cast members, and managers are called directors. Continuing the theatrical theme, Sephora employees refer to their uniforms as costumes and call the back area of the store the backstage. There's also a particular term they use to describe all the free loot they get—gratis. Each employee has a minimum requirement of makeup they must wear or suffer the wrath of management. And that make up they wear?  Yes, they're mostly samples.  With reps from various beauty brands regularly visit Sephora stores to educate cast members about their new products and how to use them as common as a few times a week. So there are so many samples them rarely have to purchase make up. As for customers, Sephora wishes their customers practice better hygiene, with many people coming in for makeup sampling with cold sores, chapped lips and who were viably sick.  Sephora uses alcohol-based sanitizers and encourage customers to use disposable applicators. And while Sephora employees love to give out samples, their generous return policy is irritating by those who abuse the return policy of a full refund up to 60 days after purchase even without a receipt even with half of the makeup used.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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