Secrets In Keeping Plush Towels Fluffy Wash After Wash

April 11, 2018

© Ahmad Faizal Yahya | Dreamstime

Nothing feels so luxurious than wrapping yourself up in a plush towel after a shower or bath.  While we think we'e taking good care of them when with hot water, fabric softener and long drying sessions, an interior expert says we're completely wrong.  Apparently the trick is "less is more" when it comes to taking care of your towels, including detergent, softener and time in the tumble dryer. Washing towels in hot water can cause teh fibers to shrink and threfore lose some fluff.  Wahingin cold water will prevent shrinkage at the seams, help keep colours true and work better on certain stains. Chemicals in fabric softener can actually damage the fibres and make towels less supple with every wash. Instead, drop a tennis ball into the tumble dryer to agitate and puff them up and skip dryer sheets, which can reduce towel absorbency over time. If you guess the amount of washing powder or liquid you need and end up using too much it will prevent your towels from rinsing clean, leaving them stiff instead of fluffy. Don't overdry towls as with hot water, teh heat can cause shrinkage.  Put them on the shortest cycle possible and don't be afraid to let them finish drying naturally. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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