The Secret Ingredient For The Tastiest Grilled Burger

April 28, 2017

© Nevodka | Dreamstime

Just in time for your backyard bbq party this weekend, we've got the secret in grilling the perfect hamburgers that are tasty and juicy!  Ready?  Use an ice cube. Graham Elliot, a judge on the TV Show Master Chef says secret to keeping burgers juicy is to fold an ice cube right into the center of each one. It keeps it moist and keeps it from getting dried out. He also suggest you take a second look at the seasoning you use. In most cases, it's salt, pepper and maybe some onion, which happen to be the same spices used in everything from meatloaf to casseroles. He suggest skipping the seasoning all together and let the taste of your beef stand out alone.  Season with sauces and fresh ingredients after the burger is off the grill.

SOURCE: Delish

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