The Secret Ingredient For Tastier Christmas Cookies

November 29, 2017

© Dave Bredeson | Dreamstime

The holiday season is here and with the shopping, the Christmas tree, the Hanukkah menorah and decorations are out.  Then of course there is the holiday baking.  Although sugar cookies are the simplest cookie, they tend to be one of the more difficult cookies to execute flawlessly. But we have a secret weapon, coconut oil!  Adding coconut oil to your dough along with the usual butter, flour and sugar can be a game changer!  Your cookies will taste richer. While butter adds some taste, it contain water which can dry out your cookies once cooked.  Coconut oil ups the fat content giving them more flavor when that water is baked out. Your cookies will look better as coconut oil will cause your cookies to brown less in the oven meaning a more natural-looking snowmen and more vividly colored dyed doughs. Your cookies will last longer too.  Because coconut oil has a higher fat content and no water, it means a longer shelf life, so you can cook further ahead. If you’re worried about your cookies tasting like coconuts, don’t. Reach for refined coconut oil, which has a neutral, not tropical, flavor. Just cut your butter in half and replace it with coconut oil.

SOURCE: Skillet

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