The Secret To Happiness At The Office Isn't What You'd Think

August 17, 2017

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There is a secret to beng happy at teh office and it has nothing to do with your paycheck or vacation. Gone are teh days when office memos and client communciations stayed in the office.  Now they appear on your phone.  You can remotely get into your office computer too.  So how does this make you happy?  It dosn't but experts say the key to office bliss is to not care as much. Caring as much as we do about work is causing us needless suffering. We care because doing a good job has it's rewards.  But at what cost?  Experts say they key is to seperate the notion of success from that of happiness. Your success at work can be accomlished AND you can lead a happy life.  Balance is the key.  When you are out of the office, learn to not think about upcomign tasks or if the report you completed is correct.  Disconnect as much as you can not only will helpyou prform better when you are workinmg but give you happiness.  

SOURCE: Quartz

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