The Secret To Getting a Free Upgrade To First Class On An Airplane

September 28, 2016

Have you ever wondered how people get upgraded from coach to first class on an airplane?  Most use their accumulated airline miles after saving and spending for months and years.  Of course you could also unjust pay for first class but unless you are the heir to a vast financial fortune that’s not practical. It might not have happened to you yet, but it is possible for you, an ordinary traveler, to get a free upgrade without air miles. A travel expert explains that there's only one sure-fire way of getting that precious First or Business Class upgrade and that's to be flexible with your travel plans.  You see, airlines routinely overbook their flights, with the assumption that some travelers will cancel their plans or take other flights.  However there are many times the plane is just oversold.  Here is where your flexibility can work.  Airlines are required to offer you compensation if you cannot board your oversold flight.  They can also offer you an upgrade on another flight for no additional costs or even both! So if you can take a less crowded flight later in the day, you may get that first class seat you've always wanted.  Also a tip, avoid doing this on Mondays and Thursdays as those days first and business classes are generally always full.


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