Seabird Drops Cheeto That Turns Out To Be A Seahorse

May 12, 2017

© Kelpfish | Dreamstime

Floridians don't have a good relationship with seabirds and the people who feed them on the beach.  As one girl found out last week while visiting Indian Shores Beach, outside Clearwater.  While sitting on the shore, a seabird dropped a Cheeto on her feet.  However upon closer inspection, the orange items was not a Cheeto but an orange seahorse. She quickly placed the seahorse in a bucket of water and her mother called the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which is a rehabilitation center for sea life.  The seahorse, which has been named, Cheeto, is going well in rehab and is expected to be released into the gulf soon. Until then you can keep tabs on Cheeto thought a life video feed dubbed, CheetoCam at the Aquarium's web site.


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