Scientists Willing To Pay You $3,500 To Catch The Flu

June 8, 2018


It sounds like one of those "would you" questions to see online but would you be willing to catch the flu if it meant you could collect $3,500?  Researchers are indeed offering a lot of cash for people willing to suffer through the aches and pains of the flu in study aimed at making a univrsal flu vaccine.  The University of St Louis is opening a 24-room 'Hotel Influenza,' where volunteers will be vaccinated and then exposed to viruses in a 'human challenge' study. Signing up for the study will get you a 10-day stay in the hotel, which boasts such amenities as six leather recliners in front of a flat screen TV, private bathrooms, internet and a round-the-clock nursing staff. Gueasts will be given the current flu vaccine and exposed to various strains of the flu, including the H3N2 variation that killed many children and even young adults who can usually beat the flu. The research is aiming to find a universal vaccine that is more effective than the current method, which is hit or miss. Each year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can do little more than make an educated guess what strains will strike the US, and develop a corresponding vaccine. This year, they didn't quite make the mark, and the shot was estimated to be only about 30 percent effective. Cutting out the guesswork and developing a vaccine that targets many strains or the portions of the virus that do not mutate from year to year could save many lives. While catching the flu could be life threatening, scients believe many people will be willing to risk theri lives in the name of science and for a payout of $3,500.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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