Scientist Creates Synthetic Alcohol That Has No Hang Over Effects

September 27, 2016

The college experience may never be the same again as a British scientist says he has created a synthetic alcohol which allows drinkers to enjoy the sensation of being drunk without the negative side effects that usually follow, loving referred to as a hangover. David Nutt's non-toxic invention is called Alcosynth and according to his testing, it affects the brain in a similar way to alcohol but doesn’t cause the negative side effects of mouth dryness, nausea, headaches or other long lasting health issues.  The professor at Imperial College in London and former drugs advisor to the British government is currently testing two versions of Alcosynth and claims his invention could completely replace normal alcohol by 2050. The financial savings for healthcare and businesses savings could mean big business for Alcosynth, as the CDC estimates excessive alcohol consumption costs billions of dollars in medical treatment and productivity loss every year.


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