This Scientific Song Created To Make Babies Happy

February 7, 2017

© Sebastian Czapnik | Dreamstime

Music can make you feel so many emotions and can soothe the most savage beast.  But what about a cranky baby? A child development expert, a musical psychologist, two Grammy Award-winning song writers and a vocalist say they've come up with a baby-friendly pop hit.  There were some parameters from the scientists.  The song had to be up-tempo, with a beat mirroring a baby's faster heartbeat than an adult, it had to have a female vocalist and had to be recorded in the presence of a baby.  The silly, repetitive and social song is filled with beep-beeps, boo-boo and other sounds babies tend to like. So far the feedback is positive.  Give it a listen [see below> with your baby and see if it indeed makes them happy!


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