Scented Products Causing Problems At Work

March 14, 2017


From perfume and cologne to candles and hand sanitizers, there are no shortages of scents in the office and although some may not be a pleasant for you to whiff than the person who brought it in to work, it can trigger a range of very real symptoms. A recent study found that a third of participants experienced one or more health issues from scented products with respiratory difficulties such as coughing and shortness of breath being the most common.  More severe problems included migraines and skin problems like hives and rashes. What's more, nearly 8% of the respondents said they had missed work or lost a job in the past year as a result of feeling ill from exposure to fragrances in the workplace. So if you are one of those who react to scented fragrances there are a few simple things you can do to protect yourself. Get rid of air fresheners and open windows (if you can) to remove foul odors and improve air quality. Use products like vinegar or baking soda to wipe down your desk and common areas.  Don’t be afraid to let co-workers know a scent is making you sick.


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