Scent Preservation Kits Help Find Lost People

August 2, 2017

© Monika Wisniewska | Dreamstime

Last week a Homosassa Springs man was able to find his missing wife, who has dementia and wandered off from their home, all because a police K9 unit was able to find her thanks to her scent. Scent Preservation kits have been around for a while with many law enforcement agencies offering them to the public for free but not everyone is aware of how these kits can really help K9 units find missing people faster.  The kits include a sterile gauze and a jar.  The gauze is rubbed on areas of the body that traditionally perspire and sealed inside the jar. In the event a person is missing, the jar is opened and dogs catch the scent. Scent preservation kits aren't just for people, there is a pet version that works similar in the event your pet becomes lost. Check with your law enforcement agency and ask if they have scent preservation kits or order online for under $20 from Scent Evidence K9 [CLICK HERE>.

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