Scary Clown Sightings Prompt Police Warning For Pranksters

September 30, 2016


More reports of pranksters dressing up as clowns and scaring people in Gainesville and Ocala has promoted law enforcement officials to make public pleas to discourage the practice with some very life-altering reasons.  Local reports are echoing national stories of scary clown sighting in the Georgetown Apartments area in NW Gainesville as well as the Village Green Apartments on NE 15th street as well as sighting in Ocala Park Estates and in the cemetery next to Wyomina Park Elementary School on NE 12th Avenue in Ocala.  Gainesville Police Public Information Officer Ben Tobias reminds those who are dressing up as clowns to scare bystanders of the dangers to their own lives.  Considering a frightened concealed weapons permit-holder could defend themselves might have a tragic ending.  Not to mention Florida law makes it a crime for anyone who obscures their face with the intention of harassing, threatening or intimidating others.

SOURCE: Gainesville Sun

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