Scammers Impersonate Powerball Winner To Steal Personal Information

August 30, 2017


The cost of a higher education has jumped nearly 150% over the last ten years, with the average balanced owed is over $34,000, with those owing more than $50,000 jumping three-fold.  With all the debt it makes sense that scammers would target those with loans with promises of wiping it out.  The latest involves the largest single jackpot winner in the Powerball lottery and social media.  Mavis Wanczyk of Chicopee, Massachusetts was the sole winner of last week's $768 million jackpot.  While it sounds grand that she would be willing to give away a portion of her $33.6 million winnings, after taxes, to pay off college loan debt, police are warning people of scams on social media that sell the idea of a contest to wipe out their debt by giving personal information.  While Mavis Wanczyk did retire from her job, she never announced any plans to pay off any student loan debt through a social media contest. Police have increased their patrol around the 53-year old's home after reports of people other than reporters lurking around her house.

SOURCE: MassLive

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