Scammers Get Scammed With Their Own Fake Money

July 5, 2017


Even scammers get scammed and perhaps the feel-good story that proves karma exists. A couple went into a Victoria's Secret store in Fairfield, Connecticut last week and purchased $780 in merchandise using fake fifty and hundred dollar bills.  Although this was just the beginning of the scam.  After the couple successfully bought their merchandise with fake money, they returned later in the day to return it for a cash refund.  In essence they were hoping to replace their counterfeited money with the real thing.  However they must've been surprised when the cashier started to hand them back the exact same funny money they paid with!  According to the police report, the woman looked at the bills and said, “These are fake.”  When the employee advised the couple they were going to call the police to investigate, the couple left the store.  Police are investigating the incident and are looking for the couple.

SOURCE: Fairfield Citizen

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