A Salt Shaker That Doubles As A Speaker And Light Source?

May 15, 2017


Perhaps this weekend you were hosting a dinner party.  While at that party you thought to yourself that you wish you had a conversation piece on the table that not only played music that displayed ambient light, but also dispensed salt on your guest’s food.  Well, your million dollar idea has already been created! 

Smalt is a "smart" seasoning tool that uses Bluetooth to play your favorite playlist at dinner.  It also doubles as a light source and can measure out just the right amount of salt, pepper or any seasoning you so choose to put inside it.  Pair it up with the smart plate that counts the calories on your plate, you've got quite a party!  Smalt's maker, plans on launching Smalt via an Indiegogo campaign in the near future. Price and availability have yet to be announced. However the calorie-counting plate is on sale for $79 each at the company's web site [CLICK HERE>.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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