Safest Floating Accessory For Kids To Use When Leaning To Swim

May 4, 2018


With summer just around the corner it's the time when families gather around the swimming pool. For parents with small children learning to swim, the U.S. Coast Guard says there's one flotation device safest for kids learning to swim to use is a puddle jumper. IT is similar to water wings where your child's arms are encircled with floating material except they have a floating foam connector that crosses their chest and securely buckles in their back.  Unlike inflatable water wings, a puddle jumper cannot be easily removed by children and keeps their front from being face down in water. The founder of one company that makes puddle jumpers, they shouldn't be using a flotation device the entire time, but rather about 50% of the time when leaning to swim. This is because the floatation device will give the parent and the child a false sense of security and everyone will start to think that the child can swim when they cannot.  Just remember that no floatation device will ever be nearly as safe as an adult giving a child their full, undivided attention in the water.

SOURCE: Pop Sugar

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