The Saddest Christmas Card Will Make You Laugh

December 5, 2016

© Staphy | Dreamstime

Being single during the holidays can be especially hard.  Movies showing couple embracing next to a roaring fire, grabbing a quick kiss while under the mistletoe!  And then there are the cards.  Friends and family sending their Christmas cards is a sweet gesture but when you are alone, it's depressing.  But turning that frown upside down is John Olmstead of Illinois.  His Christmas card for his family shoe just feet of a man and a woman, perhaps giving each other a kiss, while presents and a Christmas tree dotting the background.  However another picture shows reveals that John is alone, even for the picture as John put jeans over his arms, shoes on his feet and directed them towards himself; wearing leggings and boots, with the self-loving quote, "The holidays are better with you".  John remembered a girl doing it years ago and thought he'd give it a try.  He said there was a practical reason he didn't put the leggings on his arms, as he says his arms are too small to look like legs and the baggy jeans conceal that fact. After setting the camera on his phone on a timer, his Christmas greeting was complete, to the love of the Internet!

SOURCE: Mashable

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