Ryan Lochte Faces Disciplinary Action

August 22, 2016

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12-time swimming medalist, Ryan Lochte, has gone from Olympic hero to a zero as the gold medal winning swimmer admits he “over-exaggerated” his story about being robbed at gunpoint while in Rio. While his version of the story included being pulled over by what appeared to be police officers and having a gun pointed at his forehead and robbing him and 3 other teammates of only cash, while the Brazilian police version paints a different picture of at least one of Olympic athletes trashing a gas station bathroom, acting drunk and disorderly, and employees of the gas station demanding that the athletes pay for the damages. Although he apologized for “immature behavior” and exaggerating the events, Lochte stopped short of saying that he lied in an NBC interview. The International Olympic Committee will investigate the four swimmers and for the US Olympic Committee, they say further action is coming as they say Lochte and his 3 teammates "let down Americans." As for the Rio games, they concluded yesterday with the final medial count standing with the USA claiming 121 medals (46 gold, 37 silver, 38 bronze), China a distant second with 70, Great Britain with 67, Russia with 56 and Germany with 42.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed

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