Running Your Car On Empty All The Time May Cost You Big Bucks In Repairs

June 22, 2017


So you like living on the edge? Driving around town with your low gas warning light on, relying on the car's computer estimation of how many more miles you can travel until the tank is empty.  While as thrilling as it may be, you may be causing some damage to your car that could potentially cost you a lot of money. That's because of your car's fuel pump.  It actually sit inside the gas tank and is responsible for moving the gas from the tank to the motor.  All that pumping causes the motor in the pump to heat up.  A filled gas tank naturally cools that motor down.  However when you are running on fumes, the cooling needed for the pump to work properly isn't there leading to the pump to overheat and eventually shut down.  So the next time your low fuel light comes on, make it a priority to find a gas station and fill up.

SOURCE: Jalopnik

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