Running Shoe That Dissolves In Tap Water

January 26, 2017

© Martinmark | Dreamstime

More companies are turning to out more eco-friendly products that not only save the environment but are fashion favorites. Sportswear maker Adidas announced that it has created a running shoe that will dissolve in ordinary water once you have finished using them. The Futurecraft Biofabric shoe is made from biodegradable artificial spider silk, created by fermenting bacteria into a protein polymer that is spun into a fiber called Biosteel. The running shoe is 15% lighter than comparable running shoes.  Adidas says after wearing them for a couple of year or until they're worn out, you submerge the shoes in water and add a digestion enzyme called proteinase.  In 36 hours, the enzyme breaks down the protein polymer fibers into liquid.  Simply unplug the sink and away your shoes go!  The only thing left is the sole of the shoe, which Adidas is looking at ways to recycle it.  The company says not to worry if the shoes get wet as it will not dissolve until the proteinase enzyme is added.  A concept shoe for now, it could hit markets this year and open a new chapter in eco-friendly apparel that won't sit in landfills for decades once worn out.  

SOURCE: Treehugger

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