Rubbing Your Eyes Can Make You Look Old

April 3, 2018

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It may seem harmless but constantly runbbing your eyes can add years to your face! It is pretty harmless to give your eyes a quick occasional rub to relieve an itch or stimulate tear production which can help moisturize dry or tired eyes, rubbing hard and for long periods of time can cause problems.  Rubbing your eyes can also slow your heart rate, which ads to a feeling of stress reduction. However rubbiging them too hard and too often can damage your eyes and the surrounding structures. A painful scratch on your cornea can ruin your day.  Another bad side effect of rubbing eyes too hard and too long is your he blood vessels on the whites of your eyes, making them look bloodshot. In addition, rubbing can make the skin around your eyes darker — and bloodshot eyes with dark circles can make you look haggard and old beyond your years. So subistute rubbing your eyes with some lubricating eye drops instead. 

SOURCE: Men's Health

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