Rubber band Hack To Remove A Stripped Screw

March 7, 2017

© Franz Pfluegl Dreamstime

While mastering home improvement you got a little too happy with the power screwdriver and stripped it.  There it stands, a 1/4 inch out with no way to get it out, until now.  Here are some ways to remove a stripped screw. #1-Rubber band. Stretch a wide rubber band over the screwdriver head and insert back into the stripped screw.  The rubber band provides a little more grip and maybe that is all you need.  #2-DRILL.  No, you don't drill out the screw (not yet) but as you know, you can twist the chuck to tighten around a drill bit, if there is enough of the screw protruding, tighten the drill chuck over it and reverse drill.  #3-INVEST IN A SET OF DRILL EXTRACTORS.  These are counter threaded to drill into the screw and then you reverse, it will grab the screw to pull out. 

SOURCE: Instructables

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