Royal Wedding Gift Bag Up For Sale

May 22, 2018

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The wedding of Britain’s Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle was a star-studded event that was watched by nearly 30 million Americans.  While guests witnessed most likely the last royal wedding for a generation, they also received a gift bag from the newlyweds and one of them is being auctioned to the highest bidder online.  So what exactly is in the reusable gift bag from a wedding that reportedly costs $45 million? A bottle of water, shortbread, a picture of the couple, 20% off coupon to the Windsor online gift store, a fridge magnet, and a giant commemorative chocolate coin. It can be yours if you are willing to top the current high bid (5/22/18-3am) of $4,177 [BID HERE>!  That auction ends May 28th with over 1,400 currently watching the price.  But if you'd like a more modestly priced items from Saturday’s ceremony, programs from the wedding are also be sold online for $20, plus $4.99 shipping!

SOURCE: Gizmodo

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