Roommates Kicked Out Of A Store For Asking About Sliced Cheese

November 28, 2016

© Denkyw | Dreamstime

The next time you are shopping for sliced cheese, remember the strange story of Ricky Berry and Philip Blackwell of Richmond, Virginia. The two roommates were out shopping and wound up at a CVS.  An innocent enough question was asked to one of the employees if they sold sliced cheese. The worker kindly replied that they did not as the two guys continued to shop.  However a few minutes later Ricky noticed there wasn't a single employee to be found. Waiting to check out, along with another man who was trying to buy a tube of Orajel for a tooth ache, not one employee was around.  Finally a Richmond Police officer entered the store to answer a call made from the store but the officer also could not find a single employee.  Finally the officer found the employees huddled in a back room behind a locked door. After talking to the employees, the officer asked the two men to leave the store as the employees were afraid of them!  A spokesperson for CVS made a statement apologizing for the employee's actions and that they would be interviewed and retrained.

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