Riskiest Age For A Teenager Is 14

June 5, 2018

© Scott Griessel | Dreamstime

When it comes to our children, many think the most dangerous age is 2, or at the very least it's terrible!  But experts put the most risky age our kids reach is 14.  A neuroscientist says that adolescence is a time of big change, from the beginning of puberty around 11 or 12 to the late teens/early 20s and it brings about a host of brain and behavioral changes. Scans of brains found that teens are not only more prone to embarrassment, they’re also less likely to respond to punishment and are more visually creative than adults and this peaks around 14. That risky behavior continues into our early 20s. Adolescents don’t always take risks but are more prone to do so around friends. Probably the biggest shocker in the study was that teens are less likely to learn from punishments. The study asked two groups of people, 12 to 17 and 18 to 32, to choose symbols that were associated with rewards and punishments. While both groups were equally good at spotting the winners, the adolescents fared much worse in picking out the losers. This suggests that a reward-based approach, rather than punishment, might be more likely to benefit an adolescent learning.


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