Rio Rushing To Ready For Olympic Games

August 1, 2016

The Rio Summer games start Saturday (August 6) and the news of turmoil continues to flow from the city.  Construction crews are frantically finishing venues as safety concerns are raised.  Over the weekend, the Brazil Ministry of Justice terminated its contract with a private firm that was supposed to provide security for the games as they had only hired 500 of the 3,400 promised.  Speaking of security, the Australian delegates reported a laptop and clothes were stolen after a fire prompted all the occupants to evacuate.  What's just as concerning is the contractor, who is rushing to finish construction had silenced all the fire alarms.  Athletes noticed the hallways filling with smoke.   Adding to the fiasco are comments about the uniforms Team USA will wear at the opening ceremonies.  

Designer of the uniforms, Ralph Lauren is getting some heat  for a shirt design at reassembles the Russian flag.  The shirt is a pattern of a white, blue stripe and red horizontal stripes.  When paired with a buttoned-up navy blazer, only three bars are visible and it looks like the Russian flag. No word if the Ralph Lauren crew will alter the uniforms before Saturday but the team will know they are representing the United States of America as the jacket of the yet-to-be-named flag bearer will have an illuminated U-S-A for everyone to walk behind.

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