Riding A Roller Coaster May Help Pass Kidney Stones

September 27, 2016


Here's a tidbit of news for those who are worried about kidney stones.  Perhaps the best treatment is visiting a theme park and riding a roller coaster! New research reveals that riding a moderately intense roller coaster for just a few minutes might be enough to dislodge small kidney stones before they turn into a larger problem.  Scientists tested this out by actually using a silicone model kidney filled with urine and real kidney stones and hopped on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster at a Walt Disney World.  They rode it 60 times, getting off the ride, standing in line and re-riding it in various parts of the roller coaster.  They found the riding and standing caused the passage rate of 16.67% when riding in the front of the roller coaster, while sitting the back resulted in passing a kidney stone 63.89% of the time! The exact mechanisms by which roller coasters help dislodge a kidney stone are still unknown but they theorize the vibrations of the cause the stones to become loose. Before you head to ride a roller coaster to pass a stone, this is one study and you should always follow your Doctor's instructions on the matter.

SOURCE: Popular Science

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