The Reviews Are in For Broccoli-Flavored Coffee

June 12, 2018


While coffee chains make thousands of flavor combinations daily, adding broccoli doesn't seem to be in demand.  However a coffee chain in Australia has become the first in the world that we know of, to offer broccoli-flavored coffee.  The Common Folk Cafe in Melbourne has created the "broccolaté, which includes aiming to get more people to get vegetables.  The developed broccoli powder is indeed broccoli; stem and all!  Dried and ground into a fine powder, the idea is to sprinkle it into other foods as two tablespoons of the powder count as a whole serving of vegetables.  The broccoli powder is best eaten when added to a liquid or another type of food, and a lot of people drink coffee every day. If you added two teaspoons of broccoli powder to your morning coffee, you'd have your first serving of vegetables out of the way before breakfast. Unfortunately, the broccoli powder still tastes like broccoli, and people do not seem to be loving their broccoli-flavored coffee. But that's not stopping the agency from considering other options such as smoothies, brownies or spinach dip.

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