Rethink What You Assume Is Exercise To Become Healthier

June 1, 2017

© Hongqi Zhang (aka Michael Zhang) | Dreamstime

You've heard it and know about exercise and how important it is for a healthy life.  But let’s face it, its' boring, you don't have time and you never reach your goals.  It is true that exercising, going to a gym and all that fitness equipment can be intimidating. Perhaps you could learn to enjoy it by simply tweaking your beliefs and expectations about it.  Most every women want the same things in life, to have meaningful connections with others, to feel relaxed and free of pressure during their leisure time and to accomplish the goals they’d set for themselves. A recent study discovered that inactive women see exercise as counterproductive in relaxing and accomplishing goals because of the vigorous routines they see, the multitasking effects of having no time and setting up a goal that will be missed.  But instead of thinking of exercise as going to the gym, take a walk around the neighborhood.  Instead of losing 10 pounds as a goal, set a goal to eating a bowl of fresh fruit instead of a bag a chips once a week. Basically re-think your everyday tasks and errands as exercise.  Set up goals that fit your lifestyle and you will most likely see fitness and exercise as a fun activity.


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