Retail Employees Sell Uniforms To Give Shoppers A Black Friday Advantage

November 22, 2017

© Teerawat Winyarat | Dreamstime

You can expect to wait in long checkout lines Friday as retailers hope you shop until you drop.  But we're always looking for an advantage in skipping the line.  One man's joke actually started a movement of retail employees selling their uniforms for hundreds of dollars.  It started Tuesday as a man jokingly said he'd be selling his Walmart Vest for $100, touting that you can use it to skip he line during Black Friday. 

However he was beyond surprised at the response and offers to pay for it.  While he quickly updated his offer stating it was joke and that he didn't even work at Walmart and used a stock image, it was enough for others who work at retail stores to offer their uniforms to the highest bidder.  Best Buy polos were offered for $110!

A Target employee offered his name tag for sale and even included the red shirt and khakis for an extra $10. 

However all the attention of 20,000 re-tweets of the Walmart vest offer caught the attention of Walmart, who says they've warned managers to question anyone wearing a Walmart vest they do not recognize.

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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