Restaurant Staff Opens Up To Annoying Habits Of Customers

April 7, 2017

© Steven Cukrov | Dreamstime

When we are out enjoying a meal at a restaurant, we generally think we're being helpful to the wait staff by assisting them with tasks.  And while the customer is always right is in play, there are some things we do that irks wait staff.  Stacking glasses and plates may tower in good intentions however you may not know the correct way to stack them, which could lead to the wait staff dropping and making spectacle of a broken glass or dish.  If you do choose to stack, go for the plates instead of the glasses, and make sure the bigger plates go on the bottom. Sitting at an uncleaned table is a big no-no too.  Technically, there aren’t any bad consequences that would come of this, but a server passing by will feel obligated to stop whatever they are doing just to clean your table, since it doesn’t really look good for a customer to be sitting among the mess. Picking your own table sounds harmless but you mess up the system that equally divides wait staff for efficient and fair work. Not mentioning you’re splitting the bill. If you know when you sit down for your meal you want separate checks, just make it known ASAP. It’s harder on the server to divvy it all up at the end, especially if you and your friends are deep into your third bottle of wine and are having trouble remembering how to do math.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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