Restaurant Offers Rat Discount To Customer After One Brushed Her Foot

January 24, 2017

© Rohit Shinde | Dreamstime

 Restaurants have been known to give away free desserts, appetizers and perhaps even an entrée when the food or service isn't up to par.  But what about if you happen to encounter a rat running over your foot?  Well for on customer at Fats Asia Bistro & Dim Sum Bar in Folsom, California, it resulted in a rat discount of 30% off her bill.  According to Jackie Logan, who recounted the story on social media because her friend who encountered the rat doesn't use social media, the woman was eating when the vermin brushed against her feet. While other restaurant customers got up and left, the woman told her server about the rat and asked to see the manager.  The manager never stopped by but there was a discount of $30.95 was applied to her bill with "seen rat" as the reason for the discount. After making the social media round, the CEO of Fat's Asia Bistro & Dim Sum Bar said he wasn't taking the incident lightly.  Pest control was called and they didn't see any signs of a rat infestation.  The Health Department also caught wind of the incident, make a surprise inspection and also found there to be no rodent problem.  They theorize that with all the recent rain, the rat somehow entered the building but was not living in it.


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