Restaurant Adopts Unwanted Big Mouth Billy Bass

September 21, 2017

© Zweizug | Dreamstime

Who could forget Big Mouth Billy Bass!

The singing fish that belted out classic songs such as "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and "Take Me To The River" flew off store shelves in the early 2000s but quickly flew on to yard sale tables shortly after.  But there is now a home for all those unwanted Big Mouth Billy Bass.  A small seafood chain restaurant called Flying Fish hosts a Big Mouth Billy Bass Adoption Center at each of its nine locations in Texas and Arkansas.  Restaurant founder Shannon Wynne opened his first Flying Fish location in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2002, just as we began to grow weary of Big Mouth Billy Bass. But rather than toss them in the garbage, Shannon offered to adopt the unwanted fish and a tradition was born. The Flying Fish promises to “house, shelter, love, and protect” each Billy Bass they adopt. On top of that, donors get a free basket of catfish in exchange for the contribution and get their name on the wall. The Little Rock location now displays hundreds of the retired fish.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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