Rescued Squirrels Results In Yard Overrun With Squirrels

May 15, 2017

© Gradts | Dreamstime

A DeBary woman says her act of kindness is being rewarded by squirrels bring havoc to her yard. Traci Frier Cassidy says it all started when she rescued a baby squirrel from a storm gutter and released it back to thaw wild.  However the Good Samaritan has noticed since that incident that many squirrels have found her, whether in an act of thankfulness or perhaps her bird feeder is a 24 hour buffet of goodness.  Now she says dozens of the rodents come to feast on the bird seed bounty, scaring away the birds she desperately wanted to attract.  Many people have offered help in keeping the squirrels away from the bird feeder. Videos show her yard overrun with squirrels.


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