Reports Find Current Dosage Of Eye Drops Wasteful

October 19, 2017

© Andrey Popov | Dreamstime

US drug companies are making billions of dollars in extra profits thanks to eye drops that contain twice the amount of liquid needed.  That's the word from a new investigation that claims our health care dollars are being wasted with eye drop overflow that in some of them more than twice what the eye can actually hold, resulting in drainage and waste.  What validates this claim further is that a "microdrop" dosage was created in the early 1990s that delivered the medication in an eye drop without leaving waste.  But it never made it to market, which experts say would result in eye drop medications lasting twice as long as the current verities and adding profit to the $3.4 billion drug companies made last year in selling eye drops. Eye drop overflow is part of a Propublica report that points to the wastefulness of medications, from hospitals throwing out brand new supplies to drug companies concocting costly combinations of cheap medication.

SOURCE: ProPublica

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